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As a leading provider of education management solutions, Greenwood Hall helps public and not-for-profit higher education institutions generate sustainable improvements in operating and financial results while improving student success and satisfaction.

Greenwood Hall’s solutions combine experienced personnel, proven processes and robust technology to provide end-to-end services that begin with recruitment and student enrollment and end with post-graduation job placement and career networking.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Greenwood Hall has facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, College Station, Texas, and Shanghai, China. The company currently has 150 employees serving more than 30 education clients and over 70 degree programs.

Why invest in Greenwood Hall

We are a leader in education management solutions for not-for-profit and public universities and colleges – a market that is ripe for disruption. Greenwood Hall’s end-to-end solutions span the entire student lifecycle from pre-enrollment to post-graduation, providing a unique competitive advantage.

We have unique end-to-end technology-enabled solutions for colleges and universities that produce results for clients by increasing student enrollment and retention rates while reducing costs.

We address a $2.2 billion market with current penetration of less than 1%. Our market includes more than 4,700 not-for-profit colleges and universities, creating a sizable opportunity for strong revenue growth.

We have a demonstrated track record of delivering tangible value to clients. Since 2006, we have helped clients generate more than $270 million in college tuition revenue by custom tailoring solutions for each institution’s requirements and organizational structure.

Measured benefits to clients include:

  • Generated more than 31,000 new enrollments
  • Secured more than 27,400 continuing enrollments
  • Generated more than $9.1 million in marketing budget savings
  • Reduced cost of student services by an average of 41% (excluding tangible costs)
  • Reduced cost of student acquisition by an average of more than 36%, or up to $8,500 per student
  • 35%-50% client ROI

Key Greenwood Hall achievements since 2007 include:

  • Served more than 450,000 traditional and non-traditional students
  • Processed more than 5.6 million student calls
  • Answered 95% of all calls for service (admissions, financial aid, student services) compared to an average for all institutions of fewer than 65%
  • Supported schools with job placement rates of approximately 90%

We have a proven and scalable operating model that positions Greenwood Hall for strong growth. We are leveraging the operating platform we have built over our 16-year history which positions us to scale our business without significant capital investments.

We have a clearly defined technology roadmap to expand and enhance our offering. We are working to provide technology solutions that help our clients to more effectively engage students. We also are developing data-driven business intelligence offerings that allow clients to better understand and support students.

We have Management, a Board of Directors and Advisors with extensive experience in education and technology as well as established network relationships.

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