Frequently Asked Questions

What does Greenwood Hall mean by “End-to-End Solutions”?

By end-to-end solutions we mean a one-stop shop; a complete set of co-sourced enrollment relationship services that address the entire student lifecycle from lead generation to graduation.  Our services include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Enrollment Counseling
  • Student Assessments
  • Retention Counseling
  • Financial Aid Advising and Back End-Services
  • Career Advising
  • Student Concierge Services
  • Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Consulting

What services does Greenwood Hall offer to non-profits and consumer brands?

Greenwood Hall supports non-profit and consumer brands clients through a variety of services, including:

  • Inbound/Outbound Contact Center Services
  • Fulfillment and Logistics
  • Outbound Marketing Services
  • Payment Processing
  • Donor and Client Database Management
  • Web Services, including Email, Webchat, and Text Messaging
  • Phone Bank Administration
  • Large Scale Event Management.

Are Greenwood Hall's solutions available individually?

Greenwood Hall strives to remain flexible to best serve the unique needs of each of its institutional partners.  While our services are available as an entire suite, they are also available standalone- addressing the specific needs of our clients.

What is co-sourcing vs. outsourcing?

Unlike outsourcing, a co-sourcing arrangement involves equal collaboration between the employees of an institution and those of an outside partner. Collaboration from professionals within both parties is necessary to create the desired result – generation of new revenue sources for an institution or efficiencies that enable an institution’s employees to be more successful in their roles.

Co-sourcing also has other benefits. It can bring otherwise expensive technologies and expertise to an institution and its workforce without the school being required to surrender control. Furthermore, co-sourcing works in tandem with an institution’s processes and culture. In essence, an organization gains all the benefits of outsourcing without having to make the hard sacrifices of control or reduction in workforce.

What does Greenwood Hall mean by "Large Scale Event" Management?

Large scale event management includes the coordination, launching, and support of telethons, major campaigns, and fundraisers.  Greenwood Hall will support you from early planning stages, through successful conclusion and continued donor follow up. We will customize the appropriate solution to benefit your cause, allowing flawless execution while maximizing donor contributions. Past large scale events include Stand Up to Cancer, Hope for Haiti Now, and Shelter from the Storm (post Hurricane Katrina event).

How is Greenwood Hall different than a Call Center?

Greenwood Hall certainly has renowned call center capabilities and technologies – the same platform being leveraged by the American Red Cross, Stand Up to Cancer, Help for Haiti Now, and other leading non-profits.  Greenwood Hall utilizes its extensive education experience and expertise to deliver a number of education-specific, customized co-sourced solutions on that same reliable, expansive platform.

How do you scale up for overflow, peak periods and special events?

Greenwood Hall maintains call centers in Santa Ana, CA and Bryan, TX, employing over 200 representatives on average and more during peak periods.  When needed, we can quickly hire and train new representatives, reallocate existing resources or leverage strategic relationships with call centers nationwide to create an integrated call center network of 16,000 + agents.

How does Greenwood Hall represent our institution's brand?

Greenwood Hall is much more than an outsourcing partner; we truly become an extension of the Universities we serve.  Greenwood Hall achieves this level of relationship through true immersion with your institution.

Greenwood Hall begins by learning the unique institutional differentiators including mission, culture, and goals of each of our university partners and their programs.  Our personnel are trained on your campus by your leaders.  The result is unrivaled service delivery to your current and prospective students, through the voice of your institution.

How will Greenwood Hall represent our Cause or Brand?

Greenwood Hall has extensive experience supporting leading non-profits, including the American Red Cross, Stand Up to Cancer, and others.  Our agents are trained by your team, to better understand your goals, your cause, and the needs of those that benefit from it.

What is Greenwood Hall's experience with Non-Profits?

Greenwood Hall is recognized as the premier partner to leading non-profits.  Our experience and existing technology infrastructure allow us to rapidly scale to support the needs of your cause.  In many cases, our event coordination can help launch major campaigns and telethons within a week to 10 days.  Present and former clients include Habitat for Humanity, Stand Up to Cancer, the American Red Cross, Help for Haiti Now, The World War II Memorial Dedication and others.

What is the background of Greenwood Hall's counselors?

Most of our counselors have a bachelor’s if not a master’s degree.  Moreover, many of our counselors are hired with a background in the specific programs your institution is looking to launch, develop, or improve.  By providing program and institutional-relevant expertise, we provide unrivaled service delivery to your current and prospective students.

How does Greenwood Hall address compliance?

Greenwood Hall complies with relevant state and federal regulations as they pertain to privacy including but not limited to:  the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); CAN-SPAM Act; Safe Harbor Regulations; Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); Gramm Leach Billey Act; the Federal Do Not Call Registry (DNC); Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR); and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Greenwood Hall is also PCI compliant and adheres to generally accepted security standards as they relate to payment processing, storage of financial information, and the safeguarding of proprietary information.

How does Greenwood Hall structure pricing?

Greenwood Hall strives to understand each institution’s financial situation and needs, and is flexible in offering the most appropriate pricing model for that institution, while optimizing the school’s Return on Investment and minimizing any mandated contract lengths.

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